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Brown note sound

The brown note is a hypothetical infrasonic frequency that would cause humans to lose control of their bowels due to resonance. Attempts to demonstrate the existence of a "brown note" using sound waves transmitted through air have failed. The name is a metonym for the common colour of human feces. 15 Dec - 3 min - Uploaded by Andrew Bulman ORIGINAL: The brown noise is an urban legend that suggests when you hear/feel the noise. 15 Jan - 7 min - Uploaded by RandomSauce WARNING! This is the brown frequency, known to make people have bowel movements. Listen.

24 Nov This article originally appeared on VICE UK. I was at primary school in the 90s when my friend first told me about the "brown note", a specific note with a frequency so low that it makes anyone who hears it violently shit themselves. The mystery of the brown note – the sound that's launched a million shits. Audio Test Tones: understanding the Brown Note. The brown note is supposed to be the resonant frequency of the human digestive system, somewhere in the sub-sonic range. When played back loudly enough, this note possibly may cause a create disorientation or nausea. Not to be confused with the brown noise. 11 Apr Explanation: The brown note, also known as the disco dump, is a subsonic frequency around 9 Hertz (Hz) that supposedly rocks so hard, it causes people to lose control of their bowels. All of the brown-note frequencies failed to stir the MythBuster's bowels, busting the myth - and preserving Adam's dignity.

10 Jan A Nightclub in Camborne was closed last Saturday evening when a song gave five hundred listeners - explosive Diarrhoea. Resident DJ Jimmy Jimmy Disco real name Nigel Brown of the "Dinlo's" Nightclub Camborne said “I usually make really cool remixes on my computer. This week I was at home. A Brown Note is a common trait of Eldritch Abominations, due to how mind- breakingly alien they are. The nastiest forms of this also force their victims to propagate them, overlapping with Mind Virus. Not to be confused with the real-life "Brown noise", which is completely harmless and sounds a bit like a poorly maintained air. 20 Feb For years there have been urban legends about a "brown sound" or "brown note," a frequency so low that it'll literally cause you to shit yourself. Not only has this elusive weapon been sought by governments, but it also crops up in science fiction. Just think about what this insidious weapon could do in the.


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